Fabulous 40s?

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Here are some of the things I’ve learnt since turning 40 (a few years ago!): I have become invisible to the general public. I’m not saying I used to attract lots of attention, but I really think I could walk the streets naked in broad … [read more]


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Today’s blog is about PMA – not Pre-Menstrual Anxiety – Positive Mental Attitude. Just over a year ago I signed up to a network marketing company. I didn’t know anything about network marketing at the time and so gave my friend – who introduced me … [read more]

Department store makeup counters. Discuss…

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When was the last time you were accosted by a perfume pusher or squirted with hand cream by an orange sales assistant in your favourite department store? The beauty department is always strategically placed between the entrance and the parts of the shop you’re actually … [read more]

Charlie’s restaurant review – Carluccios

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Here is another chapter in my son’s short lived career as a restaurant critic: Restaurant Review: Carluccios, Muswell Hill, London, by Charlie, age 7 I went with my mum and dad and my brother. I had pasta with pesto. My brother had the same. My … [read more]

Legoland review

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Today I took my two boys to Legoland. My husband has gone to Swansea to watch the football, leaving me holding the babies (they’re 5 and 8!). We had no other commitments, which sounds relaxing, but mums of boys of this age might empathise with … [read more]