The Twitter-Sisterhood

People ask me if I get any value from being on Twitter.


I started using Twitter in 2010 when I was working as a recruitment consultant. I used to get a thrill from every retweet and follow, and built up a decent following. I tweeted regularly about jobs and industry statistics, followed the most relevant and well-connected people in my small industry and it ticked along nicely.


Now I look back and realise I was missing the point. My tweets were a one way broadcast. I wasn’t engaging with anyone and rarely received any feedback.


Since setting out on my own in business earlier this year I’ve been tweeting regularly from my @makeupconfident account, about skincare & makeup and the crazy things that my kids say. I saw quick results and my first paying makeup client found me on Twitter. I also started following local female entrepreneurs.


When you follow someone on Twitter and they follow you back, you can DM them (send them a Direct Message) and start a real conversation. You are limited to 140 characters so it’s not like using email, but it’s not hard to find a mutual interest.


In June I did something that felt both brave and strange: I asked one of my Twitter followers if she’d like to meet for a coffee. It felt a bit like setting up a blind date and I was afraid she might think of me as a stalker, but to my delight she agreed and we met the following week. We had a great chat, about business, social media, health & fitness, relationships and just started getting to know each other. Soon after that she came to one of my workshops. We’ve been to a couple of networking meetings together and I have since used her services too (she’s an excellent remedial massage therapist, you can find her at @restore_wllbng).


This first meeting gave me the confidence to strike up Twitter conversations with more local business women and I’ve had a few fantastic meetings and made really valuable connections – all from that initial short burst of contact on Twitter.


I’ve discovered this amazing local Twitter-sisterhood. We’re all only one or two degrees of separation apart. We introduce our network of ‘sisters’ to each other and the circuit is complete. This online community has provided me with some amazing support and even the motivation to start this blog.


I’m now in the process of building up my new Twitter profile for my blog (@lifestylemavens). Please follow me and let me know more about your business. Let’s grow the Twitter-sisterhood and we can support each other.