2017 year in review – the highs and lows of a lifestyle blogger

The highs and lows of a lifestyle blogger

I’m a bit late to the ‘review of the year’ party, but we only returned from our Christmas holiday in Dubai on 30 December, and my brain has been muddled by jet lag ever since.

2017 was a year of the ups and downs typical of mid-life. If my Facebook feed is anything to go by, most people have endured challenges and life-changing events during the last 12 months. I don’t think I’m anything special (quite the contrary in fact), but wanted to document my year so I can put it in its box and move on.

[I’ve just read last year’s review, which makes some of this year feel like a cakewalk.]

As anticipated at the beginning of 2017, it was a year of change.


I joined a gym and actually went there with uncharacteristic regularity. But first I hired a personal trainer for ten weeks, without whom I wouldn’t have been fit enough to join the gym!

2017 the year in review - the highs and lows of a lifestyle blogger. 2017 was the year I joined a gym.

I’d love to report that I’m ready for my first triathlon and can fit into the jeans I wore as a teenager. Unfortunately the gym membership didn’t come with a magical unicorn. I’m the same weight as I was when I started and don’t seem to have gained any muscle. But I can now do 25 minutes on the static bike while shouting at the kids and not be out of breath. Yay me.


In February we brought home a puppy. This was obviously a huge decision and not one that we took lightly. The first few months were hard work. I felt guilty for leaving her alone for even an hour and training her not to crap all over the house took longer than I expected.

But Coco is my baby. She is my shadow: if I move, she moves. Her love is utterly unconditional and wholly reciprocated.

2017 the year in review. This was the year we brought home a puppy.


Remember the 5:2 diet thing I mentioned this time last year? Well I did it – but only for one week. The two days of fasting were mental torture, and for the remaining five days I stuffed more calories into my body than I needed for a month. Sod that.

I had some mental health issues this year. This is really hard for me to talk about and I know will come as a surprise to my friends and family, who I haven’t even discussed it with. Suffice to say I’ve struggled with anxiety and am addressing it, slowly but surely. Over the next couple of months I’ll be taking an online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) course, which I’ll report on here.


The first six months of the year were the busiest ever in my recruitment business. Overall my income has doubled since the previous year.

I also worked with some great brands on the blog. The highlight was being taught how to create a winning tea party by Candice Brown. I started a podcast and created more YouTube videos this year, which I’d love you to take a look at.

2017 the year in review. This was the year I had a Great British Bake Off in my kitchen, with Candice Brown


We had two overseas holidays this year, on top of two long weekends in the UK. Italy was beautiful, but we stayed in cheap and disappointing accommodation and the weather was simply too hot for us.

Dubai was fabulous, luxurious and relaxing. The perfect alternative Christmas.

2017 year in review - the highs and lows of a lifestyle blogger


We lost our much loved brother in law in April, when my sister’s brave husband finally lost his battle with cancer.  Others close to our hearts are struggling with illness and addiction.


I returned from Dubai with a bump and already have the January blues. The best remedy is activity.

As soon as the kids return to school I’ll be throwing myself into my work. I aim to double my income again this year, continue to visit the gym regularly and eat more healthily – but no more diets.

Friends: if we don’t have arrangements for 2018 yet, hit me up!

And finally, I will be grateful. Starting here: I am grateful to you for reading, commenting and supporting my little corner of the internet. My thanks go out to all the brands who put their faith in me in 2017.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2018. May all your wishes come true.

2017 year in review - the highs and lows of a lifestyle blogger Tell me about your dreams for 2018 below. I always reply.

Much love

[Disclosure: nothing to disclose]

2017 year in review - the highs and lows of a lifestyle blogger