A few of my favourite things

It’s a rainy bank holiday Monday, and it being the last day of August, I feel like summer is over before it’s even begun. Weather-wise this has been one of the worst summers I can remember.

The kids are back to school on Thursday, so the routine of juggling their term time commitments, building up a new business and managing all the household chores begins again.

The evenings will start to draw in, the heating will be turned on, thick jumpers and winter coats brought out of wardrobes.

I could so easily sink into SAD-ness, not only because of the change of season, but because of a whole list of other things that are going on, which I can’t even share – maybe one day.

But all those self-help books have taught me to look for the positives in everything. So, using this post as my therapy, here are a few of my favourite things from this summer:

  • Getting up late: during the summer the kids are allowed to watch TV in the mornings, so I could have a lie-in most mornings (that’s around 7.30am in our house).
  • Going makeup free: no meetings meant not having to put my face on for almost six weeks. So liberating.
  • The chance to de-clutter: I turned a serious clear-out into an activity with the kids. As a result we had several bags of clothes and toys to give to charity. Making some space felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders.
  • A wonderful holiday with friends: OK so it rained for five days out of nine, but that meant that we had the opportunity to explore the region. You can read about our adventures here.
  • Laughing with my kids: C is turning into a little adult, which means we can share a joke and tell each other stories. For a couple of months I was fun mum.
  • Experimenting in the kitchen: I’ve made a few new meals; some were ‘Lazy Cooking’ recipes, some a little more complicated, few that were good enough to photograph!
  • Gaining an appreciation of my home: after the few months of mad house-hunting and the subsequent decision to stay here and improve our house, I’ve learnt to appreciate what we have. I even felt a bit home-sick while we were in France.
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I hope the summer has been good to you, feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

Sorry if this post is self-indulgent. I’ll be back to my old cynical self again soon.

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A few of my favourite things, a post about being grateful for the summer of 2015, gone too soon.