A restaurant review with a difference

Today, I bring you a guest blog – a restaurant review with a difference. This was written by a seven year old.

Last year, my son decided he wanted to start a blog. Sadly he’s lost interest in it now, but in an attempt to bring it back to life, I’m going to bring you some of his reviews over the next few days. I hope you like them and I would be grateful for any positive comments I can pass onto him. Thanks for reading:

Restaurant Review: Nando’s, North Finchley Leisure Park, by Charlie, age 7

Last time I went to Nando’s was with my mum and brother.

I had chicken strips and mashed potato. My brother had the same. Mum had spicy chicken with a corn on the cob and coleslaw.

At Nando’s you have to go to the cashier and tell them what you want and then they’ll bring it to your table when it’s ready. Mum doesn’t like this because she has to leave us at the table while she orders our food, and sometimes she can’t see us. She thinks this is dangerous.

My favourite part is the chicken because it has a lot of flavour. You can get frozen yoghurt after you’ve finished your main course. It comes out of a special pump.

There are no activities like word searches or colouring while you wait for your food to come. But the food does come quickly.

I give Nando’s 9 out of 10. I have taken a point away because they don’t give you activities. I would have given it 8 out of 10 but I put another point on because of the frozen yoghurt. We don’t go there very often because mum and dad don’t like it. Dad says “I simply refuse to go to Nando’s.”