What nasties lurk in your bathroom cabinet?

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I’ve been doing some research into the skincare market and I’m pretty shocked that some of the well-known high-street brands are still putting revolting substances in our products and getting away with it. Here are some of the baddies: Parabens Parabens are used as a … [read more]

Food: My most complicated relationship

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“I can’t stop eating!” “I’ll eat as much as I want!” “Don’t call me fat!” “Too thin for TV!” “Nicole, anorexic again!” “Kim’s 65lb weight gain!” These are real headlines from recent issues of celebrity and lifestyle magazines. Confusing isn’t it? We’re bombarded with conflicting … [read more]

Are you a parent or an entertainer?

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We’re just coming to the end of half term week, with a bonus inset (teacher training) day tagged onto the end. I say bonus when what I really mean is massively annoying, but I’ll save that particular rant for another time. Being self-employed means that … [read more]

10 Beauty Hacks

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I love a good beauty hack. Here are some of my favourites: If you drop and smash your favourite powder blusher or eye shadow, don’t despair. Crush it into a powder, mix it with a few drops of saline solution, smooth it out with a … [read more]

Fashion Dilemmas of the Over-40s

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I’ve just been given an invitation to a bloggers’ dinner party, which I was looking forward to receiving until I saw the theme – I have to go dressed as my favourite Gossip Girl character. I’m 42, I’ve never watched it and I don’t intend … [read more]

This is important – check your breasts!

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Breast Cancer. Probably a much more serious subject than you would expect to find on this lifestyle blog. But unfortunately this is a disease that is very close to me at the moment, as it is affecting someone I love with all my heart. So when … [read more]