Autumnal fashion shoot

I am not claiming to be, nor do I have any desire to become a fashion blogger. This post is taking me totally out of my comfort zone.

I won’t bother you with my insecurities and I’m not fishing for compliments. This post was born out of a fun photo session with a friend and I have decided to write about it, because I imagine you are a bit like me – happy with some of your bits, not so happy with others. But it’s amazing how confident a good photographer can make you feel.

Today my dear friend and personal stylist Esther offered to take some photos of me. The purpose was two-fold: firstly to pick out a few outfits which I could post on Instagram (my current obsession); and secondly to give her a little practice behind the camera. Esther is one of those women who can turn her hand to anything, and if she doesn’t know how, she takes a course.

The autumnal colours are beginning to come through in the garden and we were lucky enough to catch the morning sun.

Here’s the first outfit from our autumnal fashion shoot:

Top from Phase Eight, jeans from Maison Scotch, boots from Clarks. I haven’t had my colours ‘done’ but I know as soon as I pull this jumper on, that my whole wardrobe should be a dark green.

Top from Phase Eight, jeans from Maison Scotch, boots from Clarks, photography by Esther Zimmer

Outfit number two: Skirt from Oasis, shirt from Massimo Dutti (can you tell I haven’t ironed it?), boots from John Lewis.

Autumnal fashion shoot: Top from Massimo Dutti, Skirt from Oasis, Boots from John Lewis

I love that Esther kept me smiling and moving. Perhaps a little less playing with my hair next time though eh?

Outfit three: skirt by Phase Eight, top by Esprit, boots by Hobbs and that jacket is so old the company I bought it from went into administration in 2009 – how embarrassing!

Skirt by Phase Eight, orange top by Esprit, boots by Hobbs, denim jacket by Bay Trading (old!)

I’m really pleased with the results. I’ve asked Esther to follow me everywhere with her camera. Her reply was that I should teach my kids to take my photographs.

What do you think?

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