I have an admission to make: I’m learning about this blogging malarkey as I go along.

I haven’t been an avid reader of blogs myself, having never found one that appealed to me. Blogs for professional women of my age group seem impossibly, unattainably glossy – all Prada and Poggenpohl.

Only two weeks ago, I didn’t know how to publish a blog, what my website would look like or how people would find me. Thanks to a couple of amazing people (who can be found at I’ve managed to find both the inspiration and technological support to get this thing off the ground.

This is going to be blogging 101 for a lot of people, but I’ve found an amazing resource for those of you who are as new to this as me.

It’s called Bloglovin’ ( It’s a website with an accompanying app for iPhone and Android, where you can follow your favourite blogs in one place. They can be categorized into different subjects and you get either daily or weekly emails if you want them, alerting you to new posts from those bloggers, along with suggestions for other blogs you may be interested in.

You may have seen a ‘follow me on bloglovin’ button on my website and others – if you click on that link and register (very quick and easy) – you’ll never miss another post.

I’ve spoken to several people who seldom read blogs, but I wonder if they might dip their toes in the water if they know they can see everything in one place. Once you’ve given the site a little attention and looked around to find the right blogs for you, Bloglovin’ becomes your own bespoke online magazine.

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