Can you put a price on your health?

Every six months I take our car into the garage for a health check. It gets put through its paces, is subject to rigorous testing using all the latest technology and comes back purring. Our last service cost over £800. Ouch.

I, on the other hand, am 45 years old and, until October of this year, had never had a health check.  But I did have a list of trivial ailments and health questions, which I’d never seen a doctor about, but which were beginning to mount up.

Bupa offered me the chance to have an Enhance Health Assessment at a Bupa health centre: a full body MOT.

Before the appointment

The process started several weeks before my appointment with a very detailed online questionnaire. I documented all aspects of my physical and mental wellbeing, as well as my lifestyle choices – including alcohol intake and exercise.

The assessment

On the day of the appointment, I provided blood and urine samples for analysis, and received the results an hour later. My first meeting was with a health adviser, who spent an hour with me discussing my general health and fitness.

My BMI and body fat percentage were calculated; I had three blood pressure readings taken from both arms; a heart rhythm test; some strength and balance exercises to test my physical mobility and even a hearing test.

Everything from your car to your boiler will have an annual service. But when did you last have a full health check? What price do you put on your health?

We talked about small tweaks to my exercise regime and diet which would improve my health; but overall the adviser was happy with my level of activity and the test results were encouraging.

Apparently, I have the cardiovascular health of a 42 year old. Not a huge difference, I grant you, but every little helps.

The second hour of my appointment was with a GP.

Let me repeat that

I spent an HOUR with a GP.

Much of the hour with my Bupa GP was spent talking. It was such a luxury being able to work through my list of concerns – some of which I’d considered too trivial to discuss with my GP before.

I had a physical examination, during which I asked a range of questions. The GP was sympathetic, approachable and gave sound advice.

I left my two hour appointment feeling optimistic and with a plan for lifestyle improvements. Later the same day, I received my full health check report by email and logged into the Bupa Boost app, which will help me check in my daily progress.

The Enhance Health Assessment includes two follow up calls with a life coach, to see how I’m getting on and a phone helpline is available for me to speak to a nurse day or night.

I don’t have Bupa health insurance, which isn’t a prerequisite for any of Bupa’s health assessment services (though Bupa insurance customers do get a discount). The Enhance Health Assessment is one of the most comprehensive and the price reflects that, but there are health assessments for specific areas of concern and different age groups.

If you have any health concerns, no matter how trivial, or just want some reassurance that you’re making the right choices for your wellbeing, then I really recommend booking yourself a health check.

What price do you put on your health?

It might be the most worthwhile two hours you ever spend and could help you keep your engines running smoothly for many more years.

Much love, Vx

Everything from your car to your boiler will have an annual service. But when did you last have a full health check? What price do you put on your health?








[Disclosure. This article was written in partnership with Bupa]