Lazy Primula Puff Pizzettes

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I’m part of a very exclusive club – the Primula Blogger Club. I have a fridge full of every available flavour of Primula Cheese, which is just as well as we’re getting through about one tube a week. The kids can’t get enough of it. Retro … [read more]

Christmas in July: the best bits

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I know what you’re thinking… it’s not Christmas, and it’s not July. I’ve just asked Siri and there are till 143 days to go, so why the hell am I writing about Christmas? Before I became a blogger I’d never heard of ‘Christmas in July’ … [read more]

Lazy Lamb in a Crunchy Herb Crust

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We eat a lot of fish and chicken in this house. My signature dish is fish pie – it’s far from a lazy recipe, which is why I haven’t yet included it on the blog. Once I figure out how to cut some corners, I’ll … [read more]

Lazy cooking: figs with Primula & Parma ham

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My inspiration for this week’s lazy recipe comes from Davina McCall’s recipe book Davina’s five weeks to sugar free. Yes, she writes recipes as well as everything else, and they’re all so easy to make and most are family friendly. I have several favourites which I’ve … [read more]

Lazy lemon drizzle cake

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Lemon drizzle cake is my favourite sweet treat. It’s the cake by which all bakeries and teashops are judged – it’s the spaghetti bolognese of the cake world. I’ve never once even considered making one myself until now. I’m not sure if I was concerned … [read more]

How to make a cake fit for a Queen

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few months, you’ll be aware that the Queen celebrates her 90th birthday this year. So all the brands are jumping on the royal bandwagon/diamond encrusted carriage and creating special edition products to mark the occasion. … [read more]

The day I ate breakfast

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I understand the importance of a healthy breakfast to get you ready to face the day. My boys never leave for school on an empty stomach. So the reaction I get when I admit that I don’t usually eat breakfast is akin to telling someone … [read more]

Learn to cook in your lunch hour

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Are you sick and tired of eating the same old boring sandwiches and salads during your lunch hour? Are those limp lettuce leaves festering at the back of your fridge getting you down? Or does every member of staff at Pret a Manger know your … [read more]