Hope Spring Summer collection 2016

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I’ve been waiting for warm sunny weather and the absence of builders for months, so that I could finally take some photos outside in my amazing new Hope Fashion Spring/Summer outfit. Inside the house there’s been nothing but dust and chaos, while outside, the lawn hasn’t … [read more]

What a difference a frame makes

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I had perfect vision until I started using a computer regularly in my mid 20s. Since hitting 40, my sight has become progressively worse and I now need my glasses for everything except driving – my long distance vision still being pretty much in tact. … [read more]

Totes amazing! 5 of the best large handbags

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Women’s handbags are getting bigger and bigger. Tote bags used to be a specific category – a bag large enough to carry your shopping. Now a tote is more or less the norm, as our nomadic working patterns and consumerist lifestyles mean we need to carry … [read more]

The Ethical Christmas Gift List

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It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, even though for bloggers, Christmas started with the press shows in July. Last year I wrote several gift list posts, including a specific list for beauty fans and another full of bizarre, unusual and downright crazy gifts … [read more]

Autumnal fashion shoot

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I am not claiming to be, nor do I have any desire to become a fashion blogger. This post is taking me totally out of my comfort zone. I won’t bother you with my insecurities and I’m not fishing for compliments. This post was born … [read more]

Battle of the shoes: Heels vs Flats

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I am lucky enough to have a walk in wardrobe (a height restriction applies, so my husband has to duck). When we did our loft conversion it was one of the ‘must haves’. I was inspired by Carrie’s wardrobe in Sex & The City. Knowing I’d … [read more]