Oh my aching bones

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I am falling apart, it’s official. Bad knees run in the family, which is ironic as I’m now not allowed to run. My last MRI scan showed that my kneecaps are slowly deteriorating and I have arthritis. It’s not a bad case, and the majority … [read more]

New year, new everything

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Happy new year! I hope you enjoyed Christmas/Chanukah/Winter Solstice or whatever else you celebrated. And that you feel rested from your break. We had a party of 13 guests on Christmas Day. The preparations were a back-breaker: eight hours in the kitchen on Christmas Eve … [read more]

2016 is dead. Long live 2017

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2016: move along As we crawl towards 2017, full of slightly stale mince pies and leftover Christmas pudding, I wanted to take a brief look back at 2016, before putting it in a box marked ‘shite’ and trying to forget all about it. It’s been … [read more]

Blogging for beginners

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So far in this series about blogging, I’ve covered why it’s such a good idea to start a blog, and my personal reasons for hogging this tiny little corner of the internet. Let’s say you have ideas for your first few articles, but don’t know … [read more]

How to Hygge

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We have invested a lot of time and money over the last five years, to create a welcoming house from our slightly drab, pebble-dashed 1930s semi. The Hubster did NOT love this house when we bought it. I could see the potential to make it … [read more]

Does your bedroom make you sick?

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Sleep is a subject I’ve written about several times before. Good quality sleep can have such a positive impact on our health, mood and productivity, while sleepless nights are akin to torture. This was brought home to me recently, while staying in a hotel – … [read more]

Bring me sunshine

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I was invited to speak at an event this week, attended by all my University friends. And I wish with all my heart that none of it had ever happened. You see, the event was a funeral, the speech was a tribute and all my friends … [read more]

My invisibility cloak

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Things no one told me about being 40: That headstands are no longer a party trick I can pull off without vomiting That trampolining is only for those mums who bothered with their pelvic floor exercises That on my 40th birthday I would be gifted … [read more]

How to start a blog

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Cat from Sorting Self, who organises personal development events for local mums in North London, invited me to give an informal presentation about blogging. The event was earlier this week. Despite having given several lectures on blogging and (ironically) presenting techniques to a group of … [read more]