Why venting about cancer is therapeutic

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This blog post is written by fellow 40-something working mum and writer Karen Finn, about a subject which has an impact on so many of us. Her article is about how one cancer patient has created a more purposeful life for himself and become an inspiration to … [read more]

Young love in the 21st century

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My 10 year old has just completed a series of SRE classes – Sex & Relationship Education, which has enabled us to have some very frank conversations about everything from sexual attraction to wet dreams. So far they’ve really only covered basic biology and the … [read more]

The blogging hierarchy

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“What is a lifestyle blog?” This question comes up in my life a lot. Most recently, at two very different events. The first was at a networking event for all sorts of professions and the consensus around the room was one of blissful ignorance. Lifestyle … [read more]

What does it mean to be British?

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Prepare for a rant. I have never used this blog to make political statements. Most of the time I would describe my political leanings as apathetic at best. But yesterday I voted for tolerance and togetherness in the EU Referendum, and this morning I woke up to … [read more]

Work life balance? Forget it!

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Today I’m bringing you a guest post from Michael Brown, who has been a leadership and personal development trainer for 17 years, working with organisations large and small worldwide. Michael and I first met when I took part in one of his management training courses. He was … [read more]

Mastering the art of iPhoneography

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I recently rediscovered the photos I took while travelling across Africa during my gap year in 1991. The way we captured and interacted with our photographs was so different then. Putting a physical film in the back of my camera meant I had only one chance … [read more]

Life is short, eat the cake

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I’ve been off the grid for over a week, while I try to process several devastating pieces of news from friends and family. I won’t go into details, to protect those who are more directly affected. Suffice to say, following a period of mid-life wallowing, … [read more]