Confessions of a selectaholic

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I have a special treat for you today, a guest post from the hubster! Amongst his many positive characteristics are intelligence, wit, diligence and yet he claims to be incredibly lazy. Can laziness and hard work live together in perfect harmony? Read on to find … [read more]

Running to catch up

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I bloody hate exercise. It was all so easy in our twenties. In those heady days my friends and I managed to stay relatively slim and fit, by surviving on toast and vodka and going clubbing at least once a week. We focused on starting … [read more]

Why venting about cancer is therapeutic

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This blog post is written by fellow 40-something working mum and writer Karen Finn, about a subject which has an impact on so many of us. Her article is about how one cancer patient has created a more purposeful life for himself and become an inspiration to … [read more]

Young love in the 21st century

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My 10 year old has just completed a series of SRE classes – Sex & Relationship Education, which has enabled us to have some very frank conversations about everything from sexual attraction to wet dreams. So far they’ve really only covered basic biology and the … [read more]

The blogging hierarchy

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“What is a lifestyle blog?” This question comes up in my life a lot. Most recently, at two very different events. The first was at a networking event for all sorts of professions and the consensus around the room was one of blissful ignorance. Lifestyle … [read more]

What does it mean to be British?

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Prepare for a rant. I have never used this blog to make political statements. Most of the time I would describe my political leanings as apathetic at best. But yesterday I voted for tolerance and togetherness in the EU Referendum, and this morning I woke up to … [read more]

Work life balance? Forget it!

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Today I’m bringing you a guest post from Michael Brown, who has been a leadership and personal development trainer for 17 years, working with organisations large and small worldwide. Michael and I first met when I took part in one of his management training courses. He was … [read more]

Mastering the art of iPhoneography

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I recently rediscovered the photos I took while travelling across Africa during my gap year in 1991. The way we captured and interacted with our photographs was so different then. Putting a physical film in the back of my camera meant I had only one chance … [read more]