The honest blogger’s guide to… cellulite treatments

I love reading about product innovation, particularly from beauty brands who make big promises.

The cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry spends millions of pounds on advertising to convince us that their new technology will turn back our biological clocks and help us look ten years younger.

I find it very hard to find honest reviews, so I intend to bring you the ‘warts and all’ version, based on my own tests.

I’m starting the series with anti-cellulite creams.

I have really bad cellulite on my upper legs. So bad it nearly caused a relationship breakup (not with my husband, but in a former life with my very-ex-boyfriend). The argument went something like this:

Me: “you’ve got really long, ugly toenails.” (not my finest hour I admit)

Him: “well you’ve got terrible cellulite but you never hear me complaining.” Cue MASSIVE argument!

I have tested five products over a five month period, applying the creams morning and evening. Each product had a four week trial on only one leg, so the other leg could act as a control.

Sorry, but I won’t be showing you photos of my cellulite. I will do anything for the blog, but I won’t do that!

So here is the honest blogger’s guide to cellulite treatments:

What Skin Needs Skin Balm

An honest review of cellulite treatments by Lifestyle Maven

The blurb: “a natural blend of vitamins and plant extracts providing beneficial and effective skin care solutions. PhytoActivated with plant derived actives scientifically developed to promote and maintain healthy skin.”

My verdict: This was my favourite in terms of a moisturiser, although it’s meant to be used topically on problem areas rather than on the whole leg or body. It has a light, creamy formulation and barely any fragrance.

Result: Made no visible difference to my cellulite.

Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil

An honest review of cellulite treatments by Lifestyle Maven

The blurb: “a unique combination of plant extracts and natural plant oils. Visibly improves the skin’s texture and smoothness; stimulates the body’s own regulating and regenerating processes; reduces the appearance of cellulite.”

My verdict: I haven’t used an oil on my body before. My skin felt really nourished and moisturised after using this product which is made from natural oils. The smell is a mix of citrus and eucalyptus. I will continue to use this on dry skin.

Result: Made no visible difference to my cellulite.

Avon Solutions Cellu Break 5D Anti-Cellulite Treatment

An honest review of cellulite treatments by Lifestyle Maven

The blurb: “Anti-cellulite cream formulated to perform 2x better than caffeine. Helps firm the look of skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Dramatically reduces the look of cellulite – *When used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. With shea butter and soybean extracts.”

My verdict: This is a rich lotion. The consistency is very hydrating but the smell is overpowering. I can’t put my finger on it – it’s just not very pleasant.

Result: Made no visible difference to my cellulite.

InstaNatural Cellulite Cream

An honest review of cellulite treatments by Lifestyle Maven  An honest review of cellulite treatments by Lifestyle Maven

The blurb: “With Retinol, Caffeine, Vitamin C & B5, Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter – made with organic and natural ingredients that work. Best firming lotion that tones and tightens skin, reduces appearance of cellulite for a younger looking body. Improves skin tone for optimal results.”

My verdict: Those are some ambitious claims! If you like the feel of wet concrete on your skin and a fragrance that will burn your nasal hairs, this is the product for you. The smell was so bad, I threw it away.

If you read the positive reviews on Amazon you’ll spot that all of them say: “I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback” – in other words the company has sent out hundreds of products to bloggers to review. Either I am genuinely the only consumer with a sense of smell, or these other reviewers are being disingenuous.

Result: Made no visible difference to my cellulite.

During the trials I convinced myself for a short while that one of them might be making a difference, but when I asked the hubster for his honest opinion he really couldn’t tell the difference. Very disappointing.

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The truth is there is no quick fix for cellulite. Here is what the experts say you can do to minimise cellulite:

  • Eat a diet rich in lecithin – eggs, apples, peanuts, cabbage, broccoli and spinach for example, or take a lecithin supplement.
  • Essential fatty acits will help improve tissue hydration, such as linseed oil, walnuts, brazil nuts, hempseed and oily fish.
  • Diuretics are good for fighting cellulite, such as asparagus, celery, onions and cucumber.
  • Exercise every day.
  • Brush your skin with a dry body brush.
  • Avoid caffeine, saturated fats and trans fats – cakes, biscuits, junk food, processed food etc.
  • Minimise the amount of alcohol you drink.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Above all else, drink plenty of water.

Please feel free to challenge me. If you have used a cellulite treatment that really works, please leave a comment because I would genuinely love to find a product that works. And if you would like my honest opinion on any other beauty products, let me know. I have a few ideas in the pipeline.

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The Honest Blogger's Guide to Cellulite Treatments