Charlie’s restaurant review – The Garrison, London SE1

Here is another chapter in my son’s short lived career as a restaurant critic:

Restaurant Review: The Garrison, London SE1. by Charlie, age 7

I went with my mum, my brother and my dad for my mum’s friend Simon’s birthday. There were quite a lot of other friends there as well. We were in a special downstairs room for the party, which had a cinema screen in, so me and the other kids could watch Finding Nemo.

For lunch I had a fish-finger sandwich, which when I was half way through I threw away because it didn’t taste very nice. There was some tartar sauce which I didn’t think went very well with the fish-fingers. So I ordered a roast beef lunch, which came with potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and gravy. It was very nice.

For dessert I had a brownie with butterscotch ice cream. The brownie was amazing, it was all warm and gooey on the inside.

Me and my friends could play hide and seek and lots of other games, because only the people who were invited to the party were there.

The service was extremely friendly and patient.

I give this restaurant 9 out of 10. I took a point away because of my fish-finger sandwich.