ClassPass – exercise for commitment-phobes

I joined a gym once.

About 15 years ago and recently singularised, I decided the best way to attract a mate was to have Madonna style abs.

The lack of results after three gruelling sessions on the machines was so disappointing I never returned.

I expected instant results from exercising. And if instant results were impossible, then at least I wanted to benefit from exercise in some other way: and there wasn’t even any eye candy in this gym.

Lifting weights, cycling and cross-training just didn’t do it for me. The guilt of having paid for a year’s subscription wasn’t enough motivation to return.

Ever since I’ve been a gym commitment-phobe.

I’ve found a bit of an exercise groove now. When the sun shines I jog – sometimes with my personal trainer. His name is Matthew and he’s hardcore. Being just six years old means that he has endless energy. Shouting at his mum to ‘sprint for 10’ gives him great pleasure.

During the colder months I don’t jog, but have found a gentle local Yoga class, which provides the benefit of a good stretch, as well as a solid hour of ‘me time’, where I can float away and clear my mind. I can pay my Yoga teacher on a pay as you go basis and that suits me fine.

ClassPass is a great idea when it comes to trying out new fitness classes in different places. It’s a monthly subscription service which gives you access to 150 boutique fitness studios across the capital, offering all sorts of classes including yoga, cycling, barre, pilates, strength training and dance – and there are lots of options within those categories.

ClassPass generously offered me a trial of the service so I could write a review. I procrastinated for a few weeks, worried that the classes would be beyond my ability. But eventually bit the bullet and reserved a class online called Blender, which I found by searching for “yoga classes” in the local area.

Blender was described as different every time: ‘you can be guaranteed a workout that will challenge, entertain and leave you a happy, sweaty mess’. OK so that might be a bit more challenging than my usual yoga class, but this blog is all about experiencing new things right?

Well, dear reader, I have just returned from Blender and am a broken woman.

This was the opposite end of the exercising spectrum to yoga; this was high intensity interval training of the most intense kind. Today I did my first press-up – my first 30 actually.

That was followed by squats on a trampoline, high kicks, cycling, cross training, skiing, pulling elastic straps across my chest and other exercises I don’t even have the vocabulary to describe.

I am only able to type this because my arms are resting on a desk. I don’t think I’ll be able to dress myself tomorrow morning.

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Still, at least I didn’t pay for a gym subscription to suffer this pain.

With ClassPass, members can book unlimited workout classes at boutique fitness studios. There are always special introductory offers for new members. There are difference price plans starting at £55 per month. As a member you can visit any studio in the network, and ClassPass is all over the USA, Canada and no doubt will expand across the UK.

Gym-shy as I am, I like the idea of trying out different classes and not committing to one gym.

To have a look at the ClassPass studios and classes on offer and to sign up, please use this link to visit ClassPass.


Am I the only one who has had such a disastrous exercise class experience? I’d love to hear from you, please leave me a comment below.

Much love, Vx

[Disclosure: ClassPass gave me a free pass to try out some classes in exchange for an honest review, which I believe they got!]