Coupe Stack – the most impressive way to serve Champagne

My tipple of choice is red wine, but at this time of year it would be rude not to have the occasional glass of Champagne.

And now that I have a Coupe Stack, there really is only one way to drink it.

The Coupe Stack is a beautifully packaged set of 6 uniquely designed Champagne glasses that stack perfectly inside each other to form a Champagne tower. Pour a whole bottle of Champagne slowly into the top glass and watch the bubbles cascade down to the bottom, filling each glass to the brim.

This really is the most glamorous and impressive way to serve Champagne and makes a great party trick. You can watch me, a few friends and my kids experiencing the Coupe Stack in this video.

Everyone say ooh, aaahh!

After the inaugural pouring, we took a Coupe Stack to our friend’s 50th birthday party as his gift. He was so intrigued by it, he opened up the Champers and used it in front of his stunned guests. Amazement and applause all round.

Don’t try this at home with normal Champagne glasses, it won’t work! The Coupe Stack glasses have been designed to fit perfectly inside one another. They’re also gorgeous in their own right, reminiscent of a more refined, art-deco era.

The Coupe Stack costs £70, which makes it an affordable present. It comes in a lovely presentation box with a Champagne napkin, coaster and a cocktail guide. The company ships worldwide from UK delivery is fast and free.

If you are unable to see the video embedded here, go to my YouTube Channel.

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