Creative excuses for shirking exercise

I’m fickle when it comes to exercise. I’ll find something I enjoy, tell everyone I’ve found ‘the one’,  give it my commitment for a couple of weeks and then get frustrated that a few sessions have not made me fitter and slimmer.

That’s when I start to get creative with my excuses for shirking exercise. The internal monologue goes something like this:

“I’ve just washed my hair and I don’t want to get all sweaty.”

“I won’t have time to exercise, shower, change and get to my next meeting on time.”

“I can’t make that 7pm class, who will make the hubster’s dinner?”

“My sports bra is in the wash.”

“It’s too hot to jog.”

“It’s too cold to jog.”

“It’s too windy to jog.”

“I’ve got a cold sore and can’t leave the house.”

“When I get a dog, then things will be different.”

Sometimes I use several of these excuses to justify one shirk. If it wasn’t for my work commitments I think I’d be a happy hermit.

An ex-colleague from my PR days contacted me about a service called Yogaia, to see if I’d like to experience it for myself. is the first interactive, real-time, online Yoga class provider.

I went through my list of excuses and found it difficult to make any of them stick. Afterall the classes are online, so I don’t have to leave the house. Plus there is a selection of classes for every level of fitness and you can do them live, or watch the recordings – so the excuse of not being available at a certain time becomes invalid. I can’t deny that I have 15 or 30 minutes every day when I could be exercising.

So I agreed to take a free trial.

On day one, I found an old and dusty yoga mat lurking at the top of the wardrobe in the spare room, put on my most sporty clothes and looked for a recording for beginners.

To get right into the zone, I rolled some of my Tazeka ‘Meditation Guru’ Aromatherapy blend on my wrists and neck. The sandalwood and frankincense apparently encourage serenity and expand awareness and quite frankly I need all the help I can get.

Tazeka Aromatherapy oils

There’s an iPad app for Yogaia, so I downloaded a recording, placed my iPad on the stairs, laid my mat out in the hallway and took a deep breath of Meditation Guru.

Yoogaia, a review and post about Creative excuses for shirking exercise Yoogaia, a review and post about Creative excuses for shirking exercise

My first session was called Easy Yoga, a 30 minute practice for people who prefer something slow and basic. The focus was on proper alignments and longer holds in pose. The blurb said it was ideal for those just getting back into yoga after a longer break.

The class had been recorded during a live session. The clever technology allowed the teacher in the studio to watch the participants via a live feed, so she could give them feedback. I’m not quite ready for this yet, but I like the fact that will be available when I become more confident.

I am so out of practice that I did find even this beginner’s class quite a challenge, particularly the boat pose – ouch!

I took my second recorded class in the morning after the school run a few days later. The Relaxing Stretch class was for 30 minutes and was for improving balance and gentle relaxation. The teacher for this class is very bendy, which I found a little off-putting, although she did stress that we should only push ourselves as far as is comfortable.

Yoogaia, a review and post about Creative excuses for shirking exercise  

I downloaded my third class on a bit of a whim. I’d done my writing for the day, had plans to leave for a meeting an hour later and thought I’d have time for a quick class. I did this in my underwear as I couldn’t be bothered to change – but that’s one of the benefits of doing this at home right?

I would advise against this if you’re taking a live class. Or if you’re expecting a delivery.

Yoogaia, a review and post about Creative excuses for shirking exercise

So that’s all my excuses rendered null and void. I no longer have an excuse to shirk. When my trial runs out, I will have to upgrade. The price is incredible. Unlimited classes for less than 20 euros a month – that’s £14.10 at the current exchange rate. The price goes down to just under 10 euros a month, or £7.04 if you pay for 12 months.

Try it for free, you have nothing to lose.

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Creative excuses for shirking exercise