Fabulous 40s?

Here are some of the things I’ve learnt since turning 40 (a few years ago!):

  1. I have become invisible to the general public. I’m not saying I used to attract lots of attention, but I really think I could walk the streets naked in broad daylight without causing a stir.
  2. The exception to the above is doctors – since having kids my body is public property to anyone in the healthcare profession.
  3. I am more tolerant of intolerance. I don’t curse when people cut me up on the roads; I let people rant and rave at me if they want to get something off their chest; I’ve become a more sympathetic listener… However…
  4.  … I get less involved. I let people’s opinions wash over me. I wouldn’t have dreamt of writing a blog a few years ago, because I was too concerned about what people thought.
  5. A small group of close, supportive friends is more important than being popular.
  6. There are loads of incredible women in their 40s and beyond, supporting each other and their businesses on social media – and these people are my daytime lifeline.
  7. Everyone is fitter than me. Literally everyone I know is running, or cycling, or doing regular triathlons or competing at Tough Mudder. I’m in my little office with the curtains closed. Eating chocolate.
  8. My insides are heading south. Since having two kids, I have only attempted trampolining once. ‘Nuff said.
  9. Some styles of clothes suit me, some don’t. I have come to terms with this and it has set me free! I can just turn away from rails and rails of sleeve-free items, knowing that they are for someone else, someone without strange dimples in their upper arms.
  10. This means I don’t have to shave my armpits as often. Yay!

What have you learnt in your 40s? Please leave your comments below.