Great change is preceded by chaos

Great change is preceded by chaos, so the saying goes.

You might be expecting another deep and meaningful personal development article about embracing change to make important steps forward in life.

Sorry to disappoint you. This one is all about my kitchen refurb, which has just begun.

We started talking about this project nearly five years ago, before we even moved into the house. The original plan, for which we had to seek planning permission, was for a full width extension. Realising that a lottery win was the only way to fund that dream, we downgraded to the current project, which involves creating an open plan kitchen/diner from two small existing rooms.

It’s messier than you might imagine, which is where the chaos comes in.

The builders came early on Tuesday and immediately got to work – without any chin scratching or coffee breaks. They’re incredibly hard-working.

By 9.15am we had a temporary kitchen set up in our spare room. I was so impressed with this short-term solution, I texted the hubster joking that we should cancel the whole job and just decamp in here.

The spare room as it used to be before it became a temporary kitchen

The spare room as it used to be

Our temporary kitchen in what used to be the spare room

The spare room now: our temporary kitchen

By 11am they’d removed three layers of flooring dating back to the 1930s; by 2pm the ceiling and chimney breast had been demolished; at 3pm all the power went off.

The following day several men were having fun with sledgehammers right beneath my feet (my office is directly above the kitchen). And by close of business two rooms had become one. The speed of change is astonishing.

The old kitchen

The old kitchen before the work started

The old dining room

The old dining room before work started

building works in progress

Building work in progress. Two rooms become one

The downsides?

There is so much dust. It’s everywhere. My hair is crisp with it. Leave a glass of water for five minutes and there’s a film of grit floating on the top.

The cat hasn’t left the living room since Tuesday. She has taken to sitting for hours in her newly installed litter tray and has just been sick in the hallway.

I need to be around to answer the builders’ questions and make purchasing decisions for at least this first week, and the noise is pretty scary. It’s impossible to make any phonecalls and every time the power goes off I lose a load of work.

We have no sink or oven, so I’m doing the washing up in the bath and we’re eating whatever can be microwaved.

Washing up in the bath

BUT, I totally appreciate these are first world problems and count my blessings every day. And on the plus side, the garden does look lovely:

Garden in the middle of building works

Great change may be preceded by chaos, but I’m keeping my mind on the end goal. I’ll be keeping you posted on our progress.


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