Gwenelda: fast beauty and wellbeing for time-poor parents

I do not love going to the hairdresser with the kids.

We’ve tried traditional barber shops, specialist kids’ hairdressers and more mainstream men’s stylists, which have ranged in price from £9 with a lolly, to £30 with a scowl.

Our local barber has a selection of old, broken trucks in a box, so M spends his waiting time literally crawling on the floor amongst the hair. In his efficiency, the barber is usually a little rough with the clippers and the kids only refrain from complaining because the lolly-bribe is coming…

The hairdresser on the other hand is in the middle of a busy shopping centre. It’s all hustle and bustle and achingly cool footballers’ haircuts – sometimes a little extreme for my liking. And expensive too.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just get the kids’ haircuts done at home, at a time that suits us, for a reasonable price, by a friendly, calm hairdresser?

Introducing Gwenelda – a new website which is fast becoming my beauty godmother! The website offers all sorts of beauty and wellbeing services at home (London only at the moment) – including nails, waxing, facials, massages, makeup and hairdressing.

Gwenelda sent the lovely Flavia to cut the boys’ hair last Saturday and it went so smoothly, I can’t imagine we’ll be darkening the barber’s door again any time soon.

C and M always respond well to a pretty lady who is in control, so they chatted away while Flavia worked her magic. M wriggled as always and demanded a mirror on his lap, while C took the photos.

Gwenelda -beauty services at home

When it was C’s turn, M swept up the hair from the floor and fiddled with all the brushes.

Gwenelda -beauty services at home

It didn’t matter, we were at home.

I drank tea and chatted with Flavia and no one asked me if I was going anywhere nice for my holiday this year. I didn’t have to go anywhere, I didn’t get a sales pitch to buy the latest shampoo and I was wearing my slippers. Bliss.

I couldn’t resist having my hair blow-dried too. It would be a shame to waste the opportunity of having talent in the house. Flavia did a really great job on my unruly hair. Those curls stayed put for three days.

Gwenelda -beauty services at home    Gwenelda -beauty services at home

The kids’ haircuts were only £15 each and my blow-dry was £25, which for London is a bargain. It doesn’t seem too decadent to have a Gwenelda stylist come round to beautify me before a party at this price.

Gwenelda -beauty services at home

[This post was sponsored by Gwenelda]

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