Hair today, gone tomorrow

Age does weird things to our hair. It stops growing where you want it, and starts growing in places you’d rather not have it. I remember feeling very grown up when I first shaved my legs at the age of 13, which was completely unnecessary. We’re not a very hirsute family and I reckon if I had just left well alone, I would have remained more or less hairless in the leg department.

We Brits spend a staggering £5million every year on hair removal products, with women removing about 1.5 miles of hair and the average man spending a whole month of his life shaving his beard.

No matter how much we rip, strip, shave and zap it, it just keeps coming back in unwanted places.

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According to Mintel, 73% of all consumers believe there is growing pressure to remove body hair. And it’s not just a women’s issue: one in five men in Britain say they feel pressure to remove hair from their torso.

Personally, I don’t feel any pressure to be hairless. As for being ‘beach body ready’, if I’m lucky enough to be on a beach, believe me I’m ready. But I do feel more comfortable and confident in my summer clothes after I’ve treated my legs to a haircut. And one of life’s little pleasures is slipping on a flowing skirt on a sunny day and just feeling it float over soft, hairless skin.

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I did a quick survey of readers on my Facebook page to find out what were the most popular methods of hair removal. The responses were all from women, mostly in my age group. The overall winner by far was shaving. I was surprised by this, with there being so many different products on the market, including spas and high street salons offering ever more innovative ways to remove those pesky buggers.

We’re all so time poor these days. The working mums who answered my mini-survey don’t want to spend their Saturday mornings being tortured in a waxing room. Shaving is just quick and easy, right?

Well not for me. I’m just not very good at it, never have been. I always cut myself. As an alternative I recently bought an epilator – sounds like a lawnmower, hurts like a lawnmower, but isn’t quite as effective. About twice a year I do have my legs waxed, but I don’t enjoy the experience and it isn’t cheap.

There is another way. Home hair removal creams have come a long way since I first tried them as a teenager. I remember that awful smell they used to have. Nair has recently launched a range with Argan Oil, Jojoba and Cocoa Butter and the shower cream is really easy to use, leaves no mess and even gets at the short hairs.

If you haven’t tried a hair removal cream before, give it a try. It’s certainly less painful than all the other options and you can just incorporate it into your morning shower. Check out Nair’s website for more information and why not share your experience using on Twitter with the hashtag #SkinByNair

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No matter how much we rip, strip, shave and zap it, it just keeps coming back in unwanted places. Body hair removal is big business. How do you do it?