Battle of the shoes: Heels vs Flats

I am lucky enough to have a walk in wardrobe (a height restriction applies, so my husband has to duck). When we did our loft conversion it was one of the ‘must haves’. I was inspired by Carrie’s wardrobe in Sex & The City. Knowing I’d never have enough money for her designer clothes and Manolos, I settled for the wardrobe itself and now it’s the only thing I have in common with Carrie.

I was always in awe of her ability to run in heels. I’m more of a flats and boots girl despite my height, although I have fallen for the charms of several pairs of heels, which are now sitting pretty in the walk-in wardrobe never to be worn.

I love how heels make my legs look slimmer and longer, but I just can’t walk in them. On two occasions I have fallen in heels and hurt myself seriously enough to have to flag down a taxi to take me back to the office.

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It’s such a challenge to find shoes that both fit and flatter. I’m a huge fan of FitFlops and Clarks shoes for comfort, but they don’t exactly break the mould in the design stakes.

Constantly on the look out for the comfortable and unusual, I stumbled across a brand called KEEN. I say stumbled as I’m not usually in the market for outdoor adventure and active sports clothing. But I saw their cute videos on Twitter, got into a conversation about camping (that’s another story) and am now the proud owner of a pair of KEEN UNEEK sandals.

They’re unlike anything I’ve seen before. Made from two cords – similar to stretchy bungee rope – and an extremely comfortable and cushioned sole, the fit is snug and the sandals mould to my feet. It’s a very simple concept resulting in a trainer/sandal hybrid. I could run in them no problem – if I was that way inclined.

They’re very light too, so tomorrow I’m going to try an experiment and wear them into town, where I will change into my heels in front of my client’s office and feel smug that I didn’t fall on my arse in the street.

The battle of heels vs flats and a review of Keen Uneek sandals

Do high heels or flat shoes win your feet’s affection? Please leave me a comment below.


Do you go for style over comfort? Are you a high heels or a flat shoes fan? Constantly on the look out for the comfortable and unusual, I found KEEN.