Charlie’s restaurant review – Strada

Here is another chapter in my son’s short lived career as a restaurant critic:

Restaurant Review: Strada, South Bank, London, by Charlie, age 7

I went with my mum and my grandpa before we went to the theatre in the Christmas holidays.

I had the best spaghetti bolognese I’ve ever had, even better than my mum’s. Mum and grandpa had the same. The sauce was thick and rich and had loads of meat in it. I had a diet coke.

I had chocolate ice cream for dessert.

It was very busy there, but we arrived early to get a table and our main course came quickly. I was given some colouring to do while I waited. The staff were very nice and friendly.

I give the food 9 out of 10. I took a point away because the chocolate ice cream tasted a bit like toffee, and I don’t like toffee.