Keep your friends close…

Check out any episode of The Apprentice and notice the infighting amongst the women. I understand that The Apprentice is a competition, but even when they’re on the same team, the girls seem to be willing each other to fail. The mainstream media is full of bitchy ‘what were you thinking’ editorial about wardrobe malfunctions or extreme makeovers, written by women.

We still struggle for equality in terms of pay and position in the workplace, but the media would have us believe that we’re our own worst enemy.

So is this just a media phenomenon? Does anyone behave like this in ‘real life’? Not in my experience.

During my career in PR and recruitment I worked in a very female dominated environment. Maybe I’ve just been lucky (or maybe it’s been happening all around me and I just haven’t noticed), but I have never felt any negativity or lack of support from my female colleagues or clients. And since becoming self-employed I have been amazed at the generosity of everyone I’ve worked with and met on social media or through networking.

The first comment I received on my blog was from a man (I’m not sure how he found it) and it was very sarcastic. He’s not my target audience and I’m not going to take it personally. All my female readers have been very supportive.

What are your experiences? Do you think the media portrays women as self-destructive?