My Mulberry

I thought it would be appropriate for my first review to be about handbags, as that really is my weakness. More specifically it’s all about Mulberry.

Since leaving my corporate job, in which I’d been quite comfortable for 20 years, it’s become one of my financial goals to buy another Mulberry. Gone are the days when I could nip into Selfridges in my lunch break and buy the latest Bayswater with my quarterly bonus.

But the good news is that these bags last forever and I think they look better when they’re slightly worn in.

My first Mulberry was a reward to myself for going through the trauma of giving birth to my first son. I had visions of carrying my son’s bottles around in it. I still have it, a gorgeous Elkington satchel, which is now completely battered.

I’m currently lugging my life around in a bright red Dorset tote. It’s so spacious and light and, as it doesn’t have lots of metal bling, it doesn’t look too steal-able.

Sadly Mulberry prices have gone up massively in the last few years and are out of my price range at the moment, but I have a ‘vision board’ in my office (you know the sort of thing – holidays of the future, the white Mercedes, happy children, husband not asleep in front of the TV) and I’ve sneaked a small ‘Primrose’ on there.

I firmly believe in the law of attraction, so watch this space!

What luxury products make you weak at the knees?