Best time-saving beauty products

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Time: we waste it, spend it, crave it and wish it away in equal measure. I never seem to have enough of it. It’s one of the big reasons I have just had my long hair cut into a bob. I reckon I’ve saved myself … [read more]

Put the bloody phone away!

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Here comes a rant and I’m afraid I’m going to come across as a bit of a hypocrite. I am a BIG fan of modern communication channels. I’m have four (yes, four!) Twitter accounts and tweet several times a day; I’ve got a Facebook page associated with my blog; … [read more]

Spring, Sunshine and The Language of Flowers

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We spent the Easter week in Norfolk. The sun shone, we mostly ate, drank wine and marvelled at our boys’ willingness to play together for a change. And now I realise it’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve posted anything here. Where does the time go? My … [read more]

What makes a house a ‘home’?

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I recently stopped outside my childhood home and wept. My parents lived in that house for 28 years and I have so many memories: of family dinners; birthday parties; sliding down the bannisters; playing badminton until the sun set; and goading the dog. My parents moved … [read more]

ClassPass – exercise for commitment-phobes

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I joined a gym once. About 15 years ago and recently singularised, I decided the best way to attract a mate was to have Madonna style abs. The lack of results after three gruelling sessions on the machines was so disappointing I never returned. I … [read more]

There’s no place like home

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At the tender age of 18, I took a gap year before starting University and joined an overland expedition from London to Kenya, in a clapped-out Bedford army truck. Twenty-two strangers boarded the truck in Balham and four months later – having dug up roads, … [read more]

A week of firsts

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It’s been a week of new experiences and I wanted to get them down on the blog, so that I can start to reflect on just how far I’ve travelled on my self-employment journey. The most exciting news is that I’ve just received my first blogging … [read more]
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