Today’s blog is about PMA – not Pre-Menstrual Anxiety – Positive Mental Attitude.

Just over a year ago I signed up to a network marketing company. I didn’t know anything about network marketing at the time and so gave my friend – who introduced me to the concept – the usual cynical response about pyramids, cults and pushy salespeople. I’m still actively involved and loving it but will be keeping that business separate from my blog to avoid any conflict.

What I want to discuss here is how the organisation has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. I’m not a religious person, although members of my family are. I was always the cynical, sarcastic one; the one who would analyse the potential pitfalls in a situation rather than relishing in its possibilities. I liked to call myself a realist, but the reality was that I was a pessimist!

The network marketing company I joined offered loads of personal development opportunities: weekly conference calls; monthly training meetings; coaching sessions, regular conferences featuring amazing speakers. To begin with I joined the calls and meetings with my usual cynicism.

But over time, slowly but surely I can feel some of the positivity seeping in. I’ve become a sponge for books about positive mental attitude.

My bookshelf is full of titles like ‘The Magic’ and ‘Taming your Gremlin’. I have a Book of Abundance in which I write the 10 things I’m grateful for today, and at night I hold my magic rock and think of the best thing that’s happened during the last 24 hours. My screensaver is my vision board and Post-It notes daub my mirror and diary.

This new PMA won’t stop me from being brutally honest about something I don’t like and I’m still not taking myself too seriously, but I suppose I’ve found a level of spirituality I’m comfortable with. Just don’t tell anyone.