Simply Straight heated ceramic brush: video review

You may have seen my slightly chaotic Facebook Live video of the first time I tried this new Simply Straight heated ceramic brush from JML. I filmed it spontaneously and without reading through the information I was sent, so the result is amateur, but authentic.

It does make me laugh that I can have a live chat with friends many miles away, while absent-mindedly brushing my hair.

I have attempted to make a more professional video so that I can show you a proper review of the brush. I’m still struggling with lighting and editing isn’t my strong point, but this is the best I can do.

This is me, and me is the best I can offer, knotty hair and all, with my demonstration and review of the Simply Straight brush…

What do you think? Are you going to give the brush a try? Do you have any tips for dealing with unruly curly hair? Let me know in the comments below.

Much love, Vx

Here is my review of the Simply Straight heated ceramic brush, on video. I have very curly hair so you can see how effective the brush is.