Great change is preceded by chaos

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Great change is preceded by chaos, so the saying goes. You might be expecting another deep and meaningful personal development article about embracing change to make important steps forward in life. Sorry to disappoint you. This one is all about my kitchen refurb, which has … [read more]

More crazy things kids say

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Over a year ago I curated a collection of all the weird sh*t my kids had said during their young lives. It remains one of my favourite posts, and looking back over it still makes me giggle like a loon. My favourite entry from that chapter is this … [read more]

What is real confidence?

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I probably come across as quite a confident person. Some might say I’m borderline arrogant at times. But that hides the truth: that I lack confidence, but can put on a good show. There have been times when I’ve suffered such a loss of confidence, … [read more]

10 reasons to love London – in pictures

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I’m hugely proud of this amazing city I live in. Yes, the weather’s a bit crap; Londoners might not always be the most approachable people; there’s a housing crisis; the traffic and pollution is terrible. I could go on… But for all its faults, London … [read more]

Goodbye wrinkles?

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Today is the first day of a new skincare trial, and possibly a new me! So for the record I wanted to post a few ‘before’ pics, so that in eight weeks I can look back on these photographs and laugh at how wrinkly I … [read more]