How to sleep well

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  I have had many periods of poor sleep during my life. The biggest cause of sleep deprivation? Parenthood, obviously. Looking back, I know that I got away lightly with my kids’ sleeping patterns and that some parents suffer years of disturbed sleep with their … [read more]

7 MORE ways to improve your personal impact

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I had a great response from my recent post about how to improve your personal impact. It seems that I can intersperse beauty reviews with posts about professional development. So here are more great ways to improve your personal impact and leave an impression – whether … [read more]

Lazy prawn curry

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I’ve recently bought three new cookery books: Davina’s 5 weeks to sugar-free, recommended to me by Cheryl, my new favourite hairdresser and all round fabulous person; the Wagamama cook book which I was bullied into buying by my 8 year old son because he’s sick … [read more]

What nasties lurk in your bathroom cabinet?

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I’ve been doing some research into the skincare market and I’m pretty shocked that some of the well-known high-street brands are still putting revolting substances in our products and getting away with it. Here are some of the baddies: Parabens Parabens are used as a … [read more]

Food: My most complicated relationship

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“I can’t stop eating!” “I’ll eat as much as I want!” “Don’t call me fat!” “Too thin for TV!” “Nicole, anorexic again!” “Kim’s 65lb weight gain!” These are real headlines from recent issues of celebrity and lifestyle magazines. Confusing isn’t it? We’re bombarded with conflicting … [read more]