Running to catch up

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I bloody hate exercise. It was all so easy in our twenties. In those heady days my friends and I managed to stay relatively slim and fit, by surviving on toast and vodka and going clubbing at least once a week. We focused on starting … [read more]

Why venting about cancer is therapeutic

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This blog post is written by fellow 40-something working mum and writer Karen Finn, about a subject which has an impact on so many of us. Her article is about how one cancer patient has created a more purposeful life for himself and become an inspiration to … [read more]

What a difference a frame makes

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I had perfect vision until I started using a computer regularly in my mid 20s. Since hitting 40, my sight has become progressively worse and I now need my glasses for everything except driving – my long distance vision still being pretty much in tact. … [read more]

Life is short, eat the cake

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I’ve been off the grid for over a week, while I try to process several devastating pieces of news from friends and family. I won’t go into details, to protect those who are more directly affected. Suffice to say, following a period of mid-life wallowing, … [read more]

The self-help bookie nook

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I’m an avid reader of self-help books. This is not a genre that is easy to read in the company of children or with a TV chattering away in the background. So I’ve made myself a little self-help bookie nook next to the patio doors … [read more]

Have a heart and support Tiny Tickers

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I first published this post in February 2015, but as next month is National Heart Month, I wanted to update it for the benefit of new readers and to encourage people to support Tiny Tickers’ Heart Week between 7th – 14th February 2016. Heart Week is a chance … [read more]

Creative excuses for shirking exercise

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I’m fickle when it comes to exercise. I’ll find something I enjoy, tell everyone I’ve found ‘the one’,  give it my commitment for a couple of weeks and then get frustrated that a few sessions have not made me fitter and slimmer. That’s when I … [read more]