The crazy things kids say

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I have two amazing, bright, funny, gorgeous boys. Over the years they’ve said some crazy sh*t – as I’m sure all kids do. And I write them down. As their knowledge and experience grows, these weird conversations happen less frequently. But I love looking back … [read more]

More crazy things kids say

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Over a year ago I curated a collection of all the weird sh*t my kids had said during their young lives. It remains one of my favourite posts, and looking back over it still makes me giggle like a loon. My favourite entry from that chapter is this … [read more]

Kidzania: a city where the kids are in charge

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Inset Days really throw me. They are allocated randomly during the school term for teachers to have a day of training. We’ve just emerged from a seven week summer holiday and the school has arranged an Inset Day two weeks into the new term. Don’t … [read more]

A lesson in un-spoiling the kids

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This is one of my rare guest posts, written by my friend, fellow 40-something working mum Karen Finn. Like so many of us, Karen is concerned that we’re raising our children in a protective bubble. Obviously we want our children to be happy and that means … [read more]

A few of my favourite things

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It’s a rainy bank holiday Monday, and it being the last day of August, I feel like summer is over before it’s even begun. Weather-wise this has been one of the worst summers I can remember. The kids are back to school on Thursday, so … [read more]

The honest guide to driving in France

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It’s been a bit quiet on the blog over the last few weeks as we’ve been on holiday in France. Our holidays usually comprise an all-inclusive hotel in a hot climate where we don’t have to move far from our sunbeds and the kids are … [read more]