Five hour lazy lamb

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I am famously grumpy in the mornings. No one would describe me as a morning person. I doubt anyone would call me an evening person either. I peak between 11am and midday, after my morning dog walk and before I get really desperate for lunch. I admit … [read more]

Lazy veggie korma

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Vegetarians – I like them, but I couldn’t eat a whole one. A very good friend called to see if she could stay over for one evening this week, as she’s working for a couple of days in London. I haven’t seen her for months and … [read more]

Lazy savoury muffins

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I do love GBBO and despite not being a fan of anything doughy or bready, seeing the contestants come up with their fabulous creations really does make me salivate. M, my seven year old son, has just started after school cookery club. Each Friday I … [read more]

Lazy stuffed mushrooms with a twist

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I’ve bought a stack of new books to feed my self-development habit, all relating to happiness: what it is, how to find it, how to hold onto it. So I’ve been spending some time analysing what specific things make me happy, to see if I … [read more]

Lazy Primula Puff Pizzettes

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I’m part of a very exclusive club – the Primula Blogger Club. I have a fridge full of every available flavour of Primula Cheese, which is just as well as we’re getting through about one tube a week. The kids can’t get enough of it. Retro … [read more]

Lazy Lamb in a Crunchy Herb Crust

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We eat a lot of fish and chicken in this house. My signature dish is fish pie – it’s far from a lazy recipe, which is why I haven’t yet included it on the blog. Once I figure out how to cut some corners, I’ll … [read more]

Lazy Cooking – the ultimate Bolognese recipe

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I have a new kitchen appliance and it does pretty much everything except the ironing. The Tefal Cuisine Companion has arrived just a few weeks before we start a major kitchen refurbishment project, which will leave me without an oven or hob for six weeks. I was … [read more]