What a difference a frame makes

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I had perfect vision until I started using a computer regularly in my mid 20s. Since hitting 40, my sight has become progressively worse and I now need my glasses for everything except driving – my long distance vision still being pretty much in tact. … [read more]

153 seconds of fame

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I took after-school acting lessons for several years in my youth and dreamed of one day being discovered. My drama partner (we used to take classes in pairs) went on to become a professional actor. I won’t name names, but he’s been in all of the … [read more]

Learn to cook in your lunch hour

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Are you sick and tired of eating the same old boring sandwiches and salads during your lunch hour? Are those limp lettuce leaves festering at the back of your fridge getting you down? Or does every member of staff at Pret a Manger know your … [read more]

Look Fantastic April: what’s in the box?

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I don’t review every Look Fantastic beauty box I receive, but this month’s edition is worthy of a post. The natural, organic and eco-friendly products have been selected to help us get in touch with Mother Nature in time for Spring. I haven’t properly tested all of … [read more]

Funzing: unique experiences hosted by people like us

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Blogging has opened up a whole new world of experiences for me. These range from having a HydraFacial treatment, taking a mindfulness course and cookery classes, to fun days out with the kids. I’ve even starred in an online advertising campaign (which isn’t live yet, but watch … [read more]

Life is short, eat the cake

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I’ve been off the grid for over a week, while I try to process several devastating pieces of news from friends and family. I won’t go into details, to protect those who are more directly affected. Suffice to say, following a period of mid-life wallowing, … [read more]