My beauty heroes: January 2017

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January is always a busy month in recruitment (the day job) and this year is no exception. Which is one excuse for not having posted anything here for two weeks. But here’s another good reason: Her name is Coco and she’s an nine week old … [read more]

Autumn makeup makeover

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Once a year I completely overhaul my makeup drawer, usually following a cosmetics counter makeover in one of the department stores. Last year, Charlotte Tilbury liberated me of my hard-earned dosh, and the accompanying coincidence made a great story for the blog. The year before I was loyal only … [read more]

Serendipity: a short story

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Serendipity: a short (true) story. I can’t help browsing the makeup counters of department stores, even though I have enough makeup in my house to open a shop. On Thursday I wandered into Fenwick on Bond Street in between meetings, hoping to get a bit of … [read more]

Look Fantastic exclusive Black Friday offers

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Look Fantastic sent me a special treat this month to promote their Black Friday offers. If you haven’t tried a beauty subscription service before, but you like to try new, premium and less-known beauty brands, beauty boxes are a great way to sample products. All of … [read more]

Festive two minute makeup transformation

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I have drawer upon drawer of makeup, partly from my brief flirtation with a career as a makeup artist, and partly because I just love the confidence makeup gives me – so I hoard it, as if scared that throwing it away will mean losing … [read more]

Look Fantastic beauty box – August edition

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Subscription boxes are prolific in so many different industries now. I bought my husband a real ale subscription box for our anniversary and I’ve reviewed a variety of different options from kids’ activity boxes to gift subscription boxes. The idea behind the subscription box is that you … [read more]