My beauty heroes: Spring

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We’ve had such a lovely Easter break: A week in Cyprus with the kids, relaxing in the sun, followed by a long weekend with some of my oldest and dearest friends. Now I’m breaking the writer’s block with a mammoth ‘best of’ beauty post – a … [read more]

In defence of tights

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I’ve just booked my first leg wax of 2017. I wouldn’t usually even consider such a thing this early in the year, but we have just booked a last minute break to Cyprus and one doesn’t want to scare the other holidaymakers. My legs are … [read more]

Oh my aching bones

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I am falling apart, it’s official. Bad knees run in the family, which is ironic as I’m now not allowed to run. My last MRI scan showed that my kneecaps are slowly deteriorating and I have arthritis. It’s not a bad case, and the majority … [read more]

My beauty heroes: January 2017

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January is always a busy month in recruitment (the day job) and this year is no exception. Which is one excuse for not having posted anything here for two weeks. But here’s another good reason: Her name is Coco and she’s an nine week old … [read more]

New year, new everything

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Happy new year! I hope you enjoyed Christmas/Chanukah/Winter Solstice or whatever else you celebrated. And that you feel rested from your break. We had a party of 13 guests on Christmas Day. The preparations were a back-breaker: eight hours in the kitchen on Christmas Eve … [read more]

How to Hygge

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We have invested a lot of time and money over the last five years, to create a welcoming house from our slightly drab, pebble-dashed 1930s semi. The Hubster did NOT love this house when we bought it. I could see the potential to make it … [read more]

Bring me sunshine

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I was invited to speak at an event this week, attended by all my University friends. And I wish with all my heart that none of it had ever happened. You see, the event was a funeral, the speech was a tribute and all my friends … [read more]

Confessions of a selectaholic

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I have a special treat for you today, a guest post from the hubster! Amongst his many positive characteristics are intelligence, wit, diligence and yet he claims to be incredibly lazy. Can laziness and hard work live together in perfect harmony? Read on to find … [read more]

Running to catch up

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I bloody hate exercise. It was all so easy in our twenties. In those heady days my friends and I managed to stay relatively slim and fit, by surviving on toast and vodka and going clubbing at least once a week. We focused on starting … [read more]

Lazy stuffed mushrooms with a twist

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I’ve bought a stack of new books to feed my self-development habit, all relating to happiness: what it is, how to find it, how to hold onto it. So I’ve been spending some time analysing what specific things make me happy, to see if I … [read more]