The benefits of writing and keeping a journal

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September, you’re my favourite September is my favourite month. Whereas for most of the year my social calendar is as uncluttered as a Marie Kondo cupboard, I up my game in September – my birthday month – and make plans. This month brings three outings … [read more]

How to tame your inner demon

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The demon in my head I have a voice in my head and she’s a real bitch. She’s a demon and she is very busy, chattering and chipping away at my confidence. She beats me up from the inside, keeps me dwelling on past events, … [read more]

Why venting about cancer is therapeutic

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This blog post is written by fellow 40-something working mum and writer Karen Finn, about a subject which has an impact on so many of us. Her article is about how one cancer patient has created a more purposeful life for himself and become an inspiration to … [read more]

Be kind to yourself

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Last night I finished a four week course on Mindfulness and Meditation. It’s been an amazing journey, which I will share with you in a post very soon. In the meantime, here’s a passage from the book Thrive by Arianna Huffington on the same subject. … [read more]