How to have a successful city break in London with kids

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We aren’t the most adventurous travellers. Our family holidays are either in all-inclusive hotels or self-catering apartments in European coastal resorts. We don’t ski and aren’t interested in cruises or walking holidays, and we only go camping in supportive groups. The hubster and I love … [read more]

Kidzania: a city where the kids are in charge

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Inset Days really throw me. They are allocated randomly during the school term for teachers to have a day of training. We’ve just emerged from a seven week summer holiday and the school has arranged an Inset Day two weeks into the new term. Don’t … [read more]

A lesson in un-spoiling the kids

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This is one of my rare guest posts, written by my friend, fellow 40-something working mum Karen Finn. Like so many of us, Karen is concerned that we’re raising our children in a protective bubble. Obviously we want our children to be happy and that means … [read more]

Lazy sweet & sour chicken

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It’s the school holidays and my kids have been going to a daily sports camp ever since they broke up. The first week was a multi-sports camp. This week they’ve become little tennis stars. Despite the fact that C, my nine year old hasn’t picked … [read more]

Put the bloody phone away!

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Here comes a rant and I’m afraid I’m going to come across as a bit of a hypocrite. I am a BIG fan of modern communication channels. I’m have four (yes, four!) Twitter accounts and tweet several times a day; I’ve got a Facebook page associated with my blog; … [read more]

Best present EVER

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So we survived the festive frenzy unscathed. One of the highlights was confusing the hell out of my un-believing eight year old by creating Santa’s footprints in flour, trailing from the fireplace to the half-eaten mince pie and empty glass of port. He practically assaulted … [read more]