More crazy things kids say

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Over a year ago I curated a collection of all the weird sh*t my kids had said during their young lives. It remains one of my favourite posts, and looking back over it still makes me giggle like a loon. My favourite entry from that chapter is this … [read more]

Have a heart and support Tiny Tickers

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I first published this post in February 2015, but as next month is National Heart Month, I wanted to update it for the benefit of new readers and to encourage people to support Tiny Tickers’ Heart Week between 7th – 14th February 2016. Heart Week is a chance … [read more]

10 things parents most commonly argue about

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“We never argue” was the smug expression I often used about my relationships with my husband. You may notice that was written in the past tense… We had a relatively short relationship before getting engaged – we had only been a couple for five months, … [read more]