A few of my favourite things

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It’s a rainy bank holiday Monday, and it being the last day of August, I feel like summer is over before it’s even begun. Weather-wise this has been one of the worst summers I can remember. The kids are back to school on Thursday, so … [read more]

7 MORE ways to improve your personal impact

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I had a great response from my recent post about how to improve your personal impact. It seems that I can intersperse beauty reviews with posts about professional development. So here are more great ways to improve your personal impact and leave an impression – whether … [read more]

Living in the ‘Now’

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This guest post was written by Sylvia Baldock, a Personal Presence and Team Dynamics specialist and trainer. We met at a networking group called The Athena Network, where like-minded professional women meet over a delicious lunch once a month to share business ideas and see … [read more]

Food: My most complicated relationship

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“I can’t stop eating!” “I’ll eat as much as I want!” “Don’t call me fat!” “Too thin for TV!” “Nicole, anorexic again!” “Kim’s 65lb weight gain!” These are real headlines from recent issues of celebrity and lifestyle magazines. Confusing isn’t it? We’re bombarded with conflicting … [read more]


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Today’s blog is about PMA – not Pre-Menstrual Anxiety – Positive Mental Attitude. Just over a year ago I signed up to a network marketing company. I didn’t know anything about network marketing at the time and so gave my friend – who introduced me … [read more]