Life is short, eat the cake

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I’ve been off the grid for over a week, while I try to process several devastating pieces of news from friends and family. I won’t go into details, to protect those who are more directly affected. Suffice to say, following a period of mid-life wallowing, … [read more]

Great change is preceded by chaos

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Great change is preceded by chaos, so the saying goes. You might be expecting another deep and meaningful personal development article about embracing change to make important steps forward in life. Sorry to disappoint you. This one is all about my kitchen refurb, which has … [read more]

What is real confidence?

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I probably come across as quite a confident person. Some might say I’m borderline arrogant at times. But that hides the truth: that I lack confidence, but can put on a good show. There have been times when I’ve suffered such a loss of confidence, … [read more]

The self-help bookie nook

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I’m an avid reader of self-help books. This is not a genre that is easy to read in the company of children or with a TV chattering away in the background. So I’ve made myself a little self-help bookie nook next to the patio doors … [read more]

How to get a restful night’s sleep

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Since my last post about sleep deprivation, some things have changed in the Lifestyle Maven bedroom. The most significant of these is that the hubster has almost stopped snoring. It’s now been several months since he had his head hollowed out (you’ll have to read … [read more]

Alone, but not lonely

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Today is my birthday. I have had so many lovely messages this morning on social media, text and a few actual phonecalls, I feel very lucky to have such wonderfully supportive family and friends. Last weekend my three boys (one big, two little) went ‘dads’ … [read more]

A lesson in un-spoiling the kids

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This is one of my rare guest posts, written by my friend, fellow 40-something working mum Karen Finn. Like so many of us, Karen is concerned that we’re raising our children in a protective bubble. Obviously we want our children to be happy and that means … [read more]

A few of my favourite things

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It’s a rainy bank holiday Monday, and it being the last day of August, I feel like summer is over before it’s even begun. Weather-wise this has been one of the worst summers I can remember. The kids are back to school on Thursday, so … [read more]