The rise of the skill barter

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It’s funny how I, who hate exercising so much, ends up writing about exercising so much. I spent yesterday afternoon at Kentish Town Pilates Studio, not my usual choice of weekend hangout – although preferable to watching The Minions movie again followed by another funfair, … [read more]

Be kind to yourself

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Last night I finished a four week course on Mindfulness and Meditation. It’s been an amazing journey, which I will share with you in a post very soon. In the meantime, here’s a passage from the book Thrive by Arianna Huffington on the same subject. … [read more]

7 MORE ways to improve your personal impact

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I had a great response from my recent post about how to improve your personal impact. It seems that I can intersperse beauty reviews with posts about professional development. So here are more great ways to improve your personal impact and leave an impression – whether … [read more]

Happy days

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The last week has been filled with fun and interesting events. I want to express my gratitude to the people who made them happen. Last Saturday I took the train up to Birmingham to attend BlogCamp UK, an event for parenting bloggers organised by Tots100. This was the first bloggers’ … [read more]

Living in the ‘Now’

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This guest post was written by Sylvia Baldock, a Personal Presence and Team Dynamics specialist and trainer. We met at a networking group called The Athena Network, where like-minded professional women meet over a delicious lunch once a month to share business ideas and see … [read more]

Food: My most complicated relationship

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“I can’t stop eating!” “I’ll eat as much as I want!” “Don’t call me fat!” “Too thin for TV!” “Nicole, anorexic again!” “Kim’s 65lb weight gain!” These are real headlines from recent issues of celebrity and lifestyle magazines. Confusing isn’t it? We’re bombarded with conflicting … [read more]

Musings of a 40-something

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Following on from my earlier blog about the Fabulous 40s, here are some more musings. I think this may become a series… I’m a child trapped in a woman’s body My husband and I often muse that we still feel like children. We believe there … [read more]


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Today’s blog is about PMA – not Pre-Menstrual Anxiety – Positive Mental Attitude. Just over a year ago I signed up to a network marketing company. I didn’t know anything about network marketing at the time and so gave my friend – who introduced me … [read more]