Look Fantastic beauty box – August edition

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Subscription boxes are prolific in so many different industries now. I bought my husband a real ale subscription box for our anniversary and I’ve reviewed a variety of different options from kids’ activity boxes to gift subscription boxes. The idea behind the subscription box is that you … [read more]

The rise of the skill barter

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It’s funny how I, who hate exercising so much, ends up writing about exercising so much. I spent yesterday afternoon at Kentish Town Pilates Studio, not my usual choice of weekend hangout – although preferable to watching The Minions movie again followed by another funfair, … [read more]

Hair today, gone tomorrow

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Age does weird things to our hair. It stops growing where you want it, and starts growing in places you’d rather not have it. I remember feeling very grown up when I first shaved my legs at the age of 13, which was completely unnecessary. … [read more]

A week of firsts

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It’s been a week of new experiences and I wanted to get them down on the blog, so that I can start to reflect on just how far I’ve travelled on my self-employment journey. The most exciting news is that I’ve just received my first blogging … [read more]

What nasties lurk in your bathroom cabinet?

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I’ve been doing some research into the skincare market and I’m pretty shocked that some of the well-known high-street brands are still putting revolting substances in our products and getting away with it. Here are some of the baddies: Parabens Parabens are used as a … [read more]