How to get a restful night’s sleep

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Since my last post about sleep deprivation, some things have changed in the Lifestyle Maven bedroom. The most significant of these is that the hubster has almost stopped snoring. It’s now been several months since he had his head hollowed out (you’ll have to read … [read more]

Autumnal fashion shoot

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I am not claiming to be, nor do I have any desire to become a fashion blogger. This post is taking me totally out of my comfort zone. I won’t bother you with my insecurities and I’m not fishing for compliments. This post was born … [read more]

Five essential characteristics of entrepreneurs

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Since leaving full time employment last year, I’ve heard so many fascinating stories from entrepreneurs, who have left behind professions for which they’ve trained for many years, and sacrificed everything in order to pursue their passion and become their own boss. Amongst my new connections, … [read more]

So Just Shop: empowering vulnerable communities

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So Just Shop is a new website selling beautiful hand-made products from women artisans in developing countries. The company works directly with women to help them gain financial independence, both by providing training and support for their businesses and by giving them access to an international … [read more]