Breast Cancer.

Probably a much more serious subject than you would expect to find on this lifestyle blog. But unfortunately this is a disease that is very close to me at the moment, as it is affecting someone I love with all my heart.

So when I was, quite by coincidence, offered the chance to review a range of products that encourages people to check for the early signs of cancer, I felt it was my duty to write.

First of all the facts: According to Breast Cancer Care breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, with one person being diagnosed every 10 minutes. I say ‘person’ because men also get breast cancer. The good news is that survival rates are high – nearly 80% of patients survive for 10 years or more and are more likely to die of something else (a cheery thought).

Early detection has an impact on the type of treatment that can be given, as well as increasing the chances of having a long, healthy life afterwards.

Sniffy Wiffy is a small company with a big mission. By developing lovely pampering products which include instructions and pictures about self-examination, they encourage consumers to check themselves for breast and testicular cancer while going through their daily bathroom routine.

Apparently a good time to perform breast checks is when the skin is slightly slippery, so Sniffy Wiffy’s founder Sarah Parkins, decided to create a brand that brought together health, beauty and education. A proportion of profits are given to breast cancer charity CoppaFeel.

The body lotions and scrubs, handcreams, bath and massage oils are made using minimal ingredients, including olive oil, spring water and only a trace of preservative. They smell good and feel pampering.

By making self-examination part of our daily routine we can take away the stigma of checking our intimate bits and encourage the next generation to start checking themselves from an early age. Please visit Sniffy Wiffy’s website for more information and to shop online.