The day I ate breakfast

I understand the importance of a healthy breakfast to get you ready to face the day. My boys never leave for school on an empty stomach.

So the reaction I get when I admit that I don’t usually eat breakfast is akin to telling someone I ate the last dodo.

I do eat breakfast after a lie-in at the weekend, once I’ve had the chance to build up an appetite, but during the week I’m just up too early to feel hungry.

Weetabix asked me to try their new Weetabix Protein. I had to wait for the right opportunity for this taste test. When better than a Saturday morning, following a night out dancing – yes, dancing, like a ‘youngster’.

The day I ate breakfast - Weetabix Protein 2

I had to do my research into protein first. Here’s the ‘science bit’: Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass and normal bones (as part of a healthy diet, natch). We all need a relatively large amount of protein in our diet, but unlike fat and carbohydrates, the body doesn’t store protein – so there is no reservoir to draw on when it needs a new supply. Basically we need to keep topping up. Weetabix Protein contains 7.6g of protein per serving compared to 4.5g in regular Weetabix. Plus, it’s high in fibre, low in sugar, salt and fat and contains vitamins and minerals.

I haven’t eaten a Weetabix since I was a child when I used to smother it in sugar, so was curious to see if it would be sweet enough without a sweetener. As you can see, I served this healthy breakfast with chopped banana, strawberries and milk.

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Readers, it was delicious.

The day I ate breakfast - Weetabix Protein 1

The hubster was away all day watching his beloved Leicester City Football Club win the trophy. I think it was probably the best day of his life, although he wouldn’t admit that to my face. So I had to do the usual weekend chores and entertain the kids alone.

I was expecting to find it tough, given the fact that I’d had a few drinks with the girls the night before. But after my Weetabix, we played football in the garden, raced around looking for birthday presents, achieved all the housework in record time. I was like Supermum.

Could I really thank breakfast for all this?

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The day I ate breakfast - Weetabix Protein 1