The perfect filler for younger looking skin

This Saturday is Old Girls’ Day, an opportunity to catch up with girls with whom I went to school several decades ago, until at the tender age of 13 I was politely asked to leave (which is a whole other story).

When the invitation went out on Facebook a few months ago, it was immediately followed up by one of my classmates offering us all a Botox treatment.

I’m not sure if anyone took her up on the offer, but Botox does seem to have become more acceptable. I’ve spoken to several people recently who think nothing of a bit of face ironing in their lunch hour, and see it as no different to having their roots done.

There is even a trend for at home Botox parties – yes, that’s a thing!

I have nothing against other people going for Botox, but it’s not for me. Partly because I hate the thought of injecting poison into my skin, but also because if I start, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop.

My daily facial routine includes several stages: cleanse, tone, moisturise, firm and nourish. I wear a moisturiser with an SPF on my face every day, prime my skin before applying makeup and use the occasional mask.

Nevertheless the ageing process is beginning to show. My eyelids are becoming droopier and the smile creases around my mouth are getting deeper.

There are answers to both of these problems – the Lids By Design eyelid lift strips which I’ve reviewed before; and not smiling.

What is the perfect filler for younger looking skin?

It’s simple – water.

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Those who want to invest a little more time and money in their appearance without surgery or Botox, should take a look at a new non-invasive treatment called the HydraFacial™.

Waterhouse Young is one of the few HydraFacial clinics in London. They have discrete, beautiful rooms in Marylebone, where I was lucky enough to experience a full skin consultation and treatment.

First Dr Saira Vasdev asked about my skincare concerns and explained how I could take better care of my skin – tips to follow below. After explaining how the HydraFacial works she took me over to a large machine, propped my chin on a ledge and started a very detailed, computer-generated analysis of my skin. We looked at sun damage, pores, texture and hydration.

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The pictures were shocking, but I was assured that most of the damage was superficial, rather than affecting the deep tissue and could be treated.

Next Anna Silsby, who used to be an intensive care nurse, took me through the HydraFacial treatment.

She used a special tool called a HydroPeel tip, which cleanses and exfoliates at the same time as pumping water, serums and nutrients deep into the skin. So the facial exposes healthy ‘baby’ skin cells, while also hydrating and treating the lower layers with anti-inflammatories, vitamins, antioxydants and water.

The serums used in the treatment can be customised to suit particularly sensitive skin types or unique skin conditions which are discussed during the initial consultation.

It’s a medical grade facial with a luxury spa feel.

If you want to invest a bit more time and money in your appearance without surgery or Botox,  take a look at a new treatment called the HydraFacial™.


My skin tingled throughout the treatment. The HydroPeel tool sucked gently on the skin, and Anna massaged in the cool serums. During the final stage she used a red LED light to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

The treatment ultimately resurfaces the skin in a less aggressive way than micro-dermabrasion. It doesn’t aggravate the skin and is immediately effective. A course of treatments can improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and oily or acne prone skin.

When I left the clinic my skin was a little flushed after all that attention, but later on that afternoon, I could see a noticeable difference. My skin looked really fresh and bright – as if I’d just applied a primer – and I spent the rest of the day without makeup.

A treatment at an exclusive London skincare clinic, not knowing what lies ahead, can be intimidating. But Saira and Anna were lovely, knowledgeable and made the whole experience informative and relaxing.

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Here are some skincare tips from the experts at Waterhouse Young:

  • Never go to bed with makeup on. The skin renews itself overnight, so to change how skin behaves the most important ingredients should be applied before bedtime.
  • You are what you eat. Enrich your diet with food rich in antioxidants, including vitamins A, C and E, some of the B complex vitamins, selenium, manganese and zinc. They all play a role in protecting the skin against free radicals which damage the skin’s collagen and elastic and ultimately age us.
  • Add essential fatty acids to your diet for healthy glowing skin.
  • Find a skincare regime you can stick to every day, with products that will cleanse, protect and repair.
  • Invest in a cleansing brush to remove makeup and for daily exfoliation. This helps your skin to absorb products after cleansing.
  • Keeping your skin hydrated is key. Water can help plump the skin and enliven a dull complexion.
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Ever tried Botox? What’s your favourite spa treatment? Please comment below, I always reply.

Much love, Vx